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SATURDAY WAS THE big day at the 2016 ALIEN COSMIC EXPO. Hosted at a suburban motel off Wayne Gretzky Parkway in the telephone city of Brantford, Ontario, the conference and exhibit floor ran for three days but Saturday was the sweet spot. There was to be a “disclosure hearing” and some of the community’s stars were speaking, including Grant Cameron, Richard Dolan and Nick Pope.

As it turned out, the hearing was a poor imitation of the much larger 2001 Washington Press Club event that sought to push the American federal government into disclosing what it knows about extra-terrestrial visitation to our blue planet. While EXPO advisor Victor Viggiani may have muttered an opening and adjournment, what materialized was a panel discussion between one panel of experts and another panel of media representatives. In addition to Cameron, Dolan and Pope, the experts were rounded out by Stanton Friedman, Nick Pope, Stephen Bassett, Paul Hellyer and Travis Walton. Known quantities all.



Each expert gave themselves an introduction, because organizers seemed oddly reluctant to provide one for them, followed by brief advances of the lectures to follow. Groups of three authorities were followed by questions and answers. Even without breaking news, some of the claims made were nonetheless interesting. In no particular order, some of these claims included

  • The lost Avro Arrow (CF-105) is stashed at AREA 51
  • NORAD averages about 75 “fast walker” intercepts per year.
  • The Clerk of Canada’s Privy Council probably knows about flying saucers
  • Someone who once worked in the Emergency Preparedness Organization had been invited aboard a recovered saucer in the United States
  • Travis Walton now thinks of his abduction as an ambulance call
  • Ret. Colonel John B. Alexander admitted to the existence of Majestic 12 (or MJ-12 if you like)
  • Aliens might be angels
  • Since the Korean War, the US had dropped more bombs than all other countries combined

And there was more. Someone from the media panel asked Richard Dolan to define his common usage of “breakaway civilization.” Dolan walked back his signature phrase to being “just a hypothesis” and really just the “classified world on steroids.” Dolan is a charismatic speaker and careful with his referencing so seeing him shrink from the image of elites leaving us behind in their anti-gravity machines was a revelation not unlike watching Mike Tyson get knocked down.

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