Daniel Sheehan, the Jesuits, UFOs, and the Jimmy Carter Administration

PREVIOUSLY IN HIS career, Daniel Sheehan, JD, was involved in the disclosure of the Pentagon Papers, in consideration of whether the public should know that the United States Defence Department and/or the CIA trafficked opiates back to the United States in support of their clandestine maneuvers in Indo-China. He discovered among classified materials that the United States initiated Israel’s nuclear weapons program by secretly transferring plutonium to both Israel and pre-revolutionary Iran after “US media, including New York Times and Seymour Hersh,” covered up details of the sale of plutonium to Israel and Iran by Kerr-McGee Corporation and by the CIA.”

But his most explosive insights may concern what he knows about E.T. visitation of planet Earth. On April 29, 2013, Daniel Sheehan provided video testimony to the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in Washington, D.C.

“…Carter asked to be briefed by the Director of Central Intelligence on the issue of UFOs.1 In that meeting, CIA Director [George H.W.] Bush asked the President-Elect if the President-Elect would leave him in as the Central Intelligence Agency Director…[in exchange for which]…he would promise that he would never run for political office in his life, if Carter would agree to keep him in as Director of the CIA…

…President Carter reiterated his request for the UFO information, saying he had his own person in mind to be the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, which happened to be Teddy Sorenson…

…Bush at that time refused to provide the information to him, saying that he did not have adequate clearances, he was not the President yet, and that he should ask his own Central Intelligence Agency Director for that. But if he wanted to have the information ahead of the time that what he could do was contact the Science and Technology unit of the House of Representatives, and that they had an ongoing relationship with the Science and Technology division of the Congressional Research Service that could go about getting things declassified to show him…

…That’s what generated the request from the Congressional Research Service to me as general counsel for the Jesuit Headquarters in the United States, asking if I could gain access to the Vatican Library to obtain the information that the Vatican has in its library, in its classified sections, to deliver to the President for his review…”

The Vatican refused. Sheehan reported the refusal to Marcia Smith, the head of the Science and Technology division of the Library of Congress. Smith and the Library of Congress, says Sheehan, then asked him to assume the role of special counsel to the investigation of the classified UFO material. Sheehan accepted and asked Smith for the classified sections of Project Bluebook. Sheehan viewed the documents at the Library of Congress under guard.

“…I came upon [US Airforce] photographs of unquestioned UFOs. There was not any question about what they were…Some [were] taken through gun sights. But another one [was] a crashed saucer on the ground…They told me I was not allowed to take any notes…”

Nevertheless, using a hidden notepad, Sheehan traced the symbols that were along the base of the saucer he had seen and magnified on the microform machine. He traced the symbols on the cardboard end of the pad, and then when the guards found and reviewed the pad, they didn’t find any notes on the pages themselves. They missed the cardboard, says Sheehan. DM

Alleged symbols from 1. Nazi Bell project, 2. Kecksburg, PA UFO crash, and 3. Roswell crash I-Beam.

Alleged symbols from 1. Nazi Bell project, 2. Kecksburg, PA UFO crash.


Questions for Sheehan

1. How did you “trace” through cardboard?

They [guards] were outside of the room, so I took the yellow pad, and I flipped it open to the little grey cardboard backing and I flipped it under the screen. I shrank the size of the picture to the exact same size as the back of the yellow pad, and traced the actual symbols out in detail, verbatim of what was there.2

2. Where is your representation of the symbols and why have you not shared this tracing publicly?

3. How and why are the Jesuits involved?



  1. For video testimony of Daniel Sheehan, JD, on classified United States records concerning UFO crash retrievals, see “Vatican City WITHOLDING Galactic Federation of Light Knowledge + Andromeda Announcement 2013,” YouTube video, posted by “MsOutlawTV,” November 20, 2013, https://youtu.be/dU6rTHv3flM, and “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure – Daniel Sheehan, JD,” YouTube video, posted by “James Laframboise,” May 18, 2013, https://youtu.be/5bU6Z9cMN78.
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We See Weird Things

ASTRONAUTS THINK WEIRD things. Story Musgrave, an American astronaut on Space Shuttle missions 6, 51-F, 33, 44, 61 and 80, says there’s lifeforms “out there” travelling between stars.1 Maybe that’s not so weird after all. In an expanding universe there are bound to be billions upon billions of planets. More even. But these guys are also saying they’re right here on earth. Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s own personal investigations, he says, have led him to conclude that Earth has been visited many times in many locations, One visited or crashed near a ranch northwest of Roswell, NM in the spring or summer of 1947. Mitchell is from the area. He’s what you would call an insider and is in possession of good information. Numerous local people confided in him about what they experienced. Mitchell knows many other insiders who know things.2

Astronauts are seeing unexplainable things on their missions. On the third day of of NASA’s July 1969 Apollo 11 mission, Commander Neil Armstrong radioed mission control to ask where the dispatched third stage (S-IVB) of their Saturn V rocket was in relation to the CSM-107 spacecraft they were travelling in.3Lunar Module Pilot Buzz Aldrin would later explain that there was something close enough to be observed causing the astronauts to wonder what it could be. He said, “now obviously the three of us were not going to blurt out ‘hey Houston we got something moving along side of us and we don’t know what it is, you know. Can you tell us what it is?’ We weren’t about to do that because we know those transmissions would be heard by all sorts of people. Who knows what somebody would have demanded that we turn back because of aliens or whatever the reason is.” The S-IVB was 6,000 nautical miles away. The object’s shape and size could not be identified. It appeared to shift between oval and “open-book” shape. Back on Earth in the debriefing, Aldrin concluded it wasn’t a cylinder. Command Module Pilot Michael Collins assured it was not part of a “urine dump.”

Weird man. I know a urine dump when I see one.

Many pilots and astronauts, in fact, see unidentified craft travelling at incredible speeds and executing maneuvers, like right angle turns, that appear impossible. As pilots, we can expect these men and women to have advanced abilities to identify military, commercial, and private airplanes. It’s ok to believe them if they say they saw a UFO. Pilots have been seeing unknown flying machines in the United States at least since aviator Kenneth Arnold saw flying discs and at least one flying crescent while himself flying a CallAir A-2 over Mount Rainier on a business trip in June 1947. The newspapers that reported his sighting used the term flying saucers. There’s been flying saucers ever since. That doesn’t mean all the objects are controlled by aliens, time travellers or are angels. But some of them might be. Would that be so bad? It’s a worldwide phenomena. Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. Pilots all over the world are seeing things flying they can’t explain.4 When they themselves explain them as extra-terrestrial vehicles, it would be illogical to believe they are all mistaken or lying.

Pilots and astronauts see weird things on the ground. Mercury Seven Astronaut Gordon Cooper experienced UFOs in the sky and on the ground.5 In 1957 a camera crew under his management filmed a saucer land at Edwards Airforce Base in southern California. They moved closer to film. The saucer retracted its three legs and took off again. THERE WAS A NUMBER TO CALL! The base colonel ordered the developed film sent to Washington in a jet airplane. Cooper was only able to look at a few frames held up to a window. “Good closeup shots,” though. Once the film got to the capital, Cooper never heard about it again. Where could the film have gone? DM


  1. Several references provided here were previously assembled together in “Phil Schneider Documentary,” YouTube video, a mashup from multiple previously recorded videos, posted by “Frank Clayton,” June 27, 2013, https://youtu.be/A4Xlcn6sDPE.
  2. “Astronaut Edgar Mitchell – Witness Testimony,” YouTube video, posted by “csetiweb,” February 22, 2013, https://youtu.be/9tKWElDHhY4?t=24s. CSETI or the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence was founded by former emergency room doctor Steven Greer in 1990. The volume and quality of the video interviews his organization has produced of physicists, engineers, pilots and other professionals inside the military, academia and government is to my knowledge unsurpassed in the public domain.
  3. NASA, Apollo Flight Journal, Apollo 11, Day 3, part 3: Flight Plan Updates,” accessed December 7, 2015, http://history.nasa.gov/ap11fj/10day3-flight-plan-update.htm, “060:45:46 [Neil] Armstrong: Do you have any idea where the S-IVB is with respect to us? [The crew have noticed an unexplained flashing object out of the window, which appears to be catching the sunlight as it tumbles. Neil is wondering whether it is the abandoned third stage of the Saturn launch vehicle.]”
  4. Kean, Leslie. UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On The Record. New York: Random House, 2010. According to my new friend, Sarasota Herald Tribune journalist Billy Cox, if you want something more recent than Leslie’s book, “good luck.” It’s readable and written by yet another honest-to-goodness journalist. The Clinton/Obama bigwig, John Podesta, who once claimed to be on the trail of real government transparency about UFOs, wrote the book’s foreword.
  5. “An Astronaut’s UFO Experience – Gordon Cooper,” YouTube video, posted by “Sirius Disclosure,” September 20, 2013, https://youtu.be/wsEd_b1C8DY. Sirius Disclosure is also a Steven Greer production.

They’re here!

I’VE JUST RE-IMAGED my blog Disruption Monitor. Since July I have been an absentee landlord. But thanks to the wonderful Cystic Fibrosis clinicians and 6 Bond ward staff at Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital, yours truly has been revived once again for maybe the twelfth time. This time around I’m going to commit to publishing a couple of times a week, which appears to be the bare minimum to keep some sort of readership. I want to boost publication beyond this but can’t promise just yet. And there’s more.

Gray alien by Ted Seth Jacobs. As seen on cover of Whitely Strieber's Communion.

Gray alien by Ted Seth Jacobs. As seen on cover of Whitely Strieber’s Communion.

I’m coming out and adding a new subject at the same time. No, I’m not gay. So passé. This doesn’t raise an eyebrow in most civilized countries anymore. Of more interest, I’m proudly coming out as a UFO nut. This is a quarter century closeted secret for me. But no more.

You need to know, they’re here. The question was never “Are we alone?” although there is a book by that name on Hillary Clinton’s reading list. Big bang or no, you must be unable to count in order to believe there isn’t intelligent life out there. Somewhere.

There are three more relevant questions to consider:

  1. Are there intelligent non-human beings operating on and around earth beyond cetaceans, apes and elephants?
    Undoubtedly Yes. It’s possible to be confident in this answer, like you’re confident of the earth’s orbit around the sun.
  2. Should we describe them as E.T., extra-dimensional, or supernatural?
    Less clear. These labels themselves are not dissimilar.
  3. Why don’t “we the people” know more about this subject given its importance?
    The answer is troublesome.

Thank you for reading. And thanks to journalist Billy Cox for his encouragement. I’ll explain more soon. DM

The Systems Approach

(With Professor Stephen Regoczei)

THE SYSTEMS APPROACH 1 is a conceptual framework we can use to contemplate experience. In this way the systems approach is like other conceptual frameworks. In sociology in the 1990s there was said to be three major theoretical paradigms in the structural-functional paradigm, the social-conflict paradigm (also known as political economy) and the symbolic-interaction paradigm.2 Feminism and ethnomethodology were said to be just emerging.


The systems approach is used to conceptualize the world in terms of systems concepts. The most basic tool of the systems approach is the IPO diagram.

Essential system concepts include:

  • Input, process, and output (as a group in the case of a whole system)
  • Wholeness
  • Entropy and Negentropy
  • Hierarchy
  • Boundary

If we cannot draw an IPO diagram, then we do not as yet understand the situation well enough to consider it as a whole system. A phrase like “social system” is meaningless unless we an draw an IPO diagram for the supposed system.

Still more concepts include time and time series, state changes, evolution, emergence and causal loops. Other basic abstractions are state transition diagrams and task sequencing (PERT) diagrams. Some “social systems” are too large and heterogeneous to be meaningfully conceptualized as systems. They are complexes. Some bits or aspects are too small, too limited, or too superficial. They are not systems but fragments.

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