They’re here!

I’VE JUST RE-IMAGED my blog Disruption Monitor. Since July I have been an absentee landlord. But thanks to the wonderful Cystic Fibrosis clinicians and 6 Bond ward staff at Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital, yours truly has been revived once again for maybe the twelfth time. This time around I’m going to commit to publishing a couple of times a week, which appears to be the bare minimum to keep some sort of readership. I want to boost publication beyond this but can’t promise just yet. And there’s more.

Gray alien by Ted Seth Jacobs. As seen on cover of Whitely Strieber's Communion.

Gray alien by Ted Seth Jacobs. As seen on cover of Whitely Strieber’s Communion.

I’m coming out and adding a new subject at the same time. No, I’m not gay. So passé. This doesn’t raise an eyebrow in most civilized countries anymore. Of more interest, I’m proudly coming out as a UFO nut. This is a quarter century closeted secret for me. But no more.

You need to know, they’re here. The question was never “Are we alone?” although there is a book by that name on Hillary Clinton’s reading list. Big bang or no, you must be unable to count in order to believe there isn’t intelligent life out there. Somewhere.

There are three more relevant questions to consider:

  1. Are there intelligent non-human beings operating on and around earth beyond cetaceans, apes and elephants?
    Undoubtedly Yes. It’s possible to be confident in this answer, like you’re confident of the earth’s orbit around the sun.
  2. Should we describe them as E.T., extra-dimensional, or supernatural?
    Less clear. These labels themselves are not dissimilar.
  3. Why don’t “we the people” know more about this subject given its importance?
    The answer is troublesome.

Thank you for reading. And thanks to journalist Billy Cox for his encouragement. I’ll explain more soon. DM

2 thoughts on “They’re here!

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Slick Nuggets reappears. How could this be a better day? Well Mr. Nuggets, you would know by the dismal sales of my book. No intelligent creature would hire me to do public relations for them.


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